Resource-saving technologies

Resource-saving technologies for steel melting in electric arc furnaces, steel processing in ladle furnaces and steel casting on continuous casting machines

Types of operations aimed at energy-saving:

  • development of optimal energy parameters for melting in arc furnaces and processing of metal in ladle furnaces;
  • development of optimal technology for deoxidizing and alloying of steel;
  • development of activities for reduction of consumption coefficients of primary products, materials and energy resources.

1.1. Audit of technologies, equipment and production organization operating at a plant

  • independent analysis and evaluation of present technologies, equipment and organization of production;
  • objective estimation of an opportunity to reduce costs due to:
    • adjustment of present technologies or introduction of new ones;
    • modernization of present equipment.

1.2. Development of a concept for modernization of production

  • preparation of a concept for production (selection of technology, necessary equipment, primary products and materials, integration of equipment, logistics);
  • selection and substantiation of equipment package contents and its parts for a Customer;
  • substantiation of economic reasonability of the offered concept (business-plan);
  • development of technical assignments for general designer and general contractors;
  • development of working plan of activities for modernization of production;
  • development of plans for training of a Customer’s staff and specialists;
  • theoretical and practical training of a Customer’s staff and specialists;
  • technological support during equipment trial and at the stage of attainment of estimated equipment capacity.




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