Technology for manufacturing of reinforcing steel by dividing rolling bars into two, three, four, five strings (slitting-process)

Operations list for the technology introduction:

  • development and evaluation of calibrations for rolling mills.
  • development and fabrication of mill guides.
  • recommendations on the selection and utilization of  rolling cylinders, rings, washers and tyres made of the following materials: steel, cast iron, high-speed steel and hard alloy.

The technology for manufacturing of steel by slitting-process constitutes formation of an intermediate roll during rolling; the roll consists of several round profiles interconnected by a thin (≈0,50 mm) bridge.
Further lengthwise division of a roll into separate parts is implemented in interstand space by means of disjoining operation of nondrive wedge-shaped rollers. Then the formation of every roll into finished section takes place in separate calibers.

Advantages of given technology:

  • reduction of specific costs according to repartition:
    • electric energy per ton of rolled metal;
    • gas per ton of heated billet;
    • cylinders per ton of rolled metal.
  • increase of assorted metal output;
  • reduction of waste of heat and other types of power inputs during rolling, which enables to obtain persistent profile sizes and mechanical properties of finished rolled metal.


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