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Your displayed interest says there is something common which unites us. And this community is metallurgy in all its manifestations.

Our company is the team of practitioners who have been working in different areas and positions of industrial enterprises for many years: from a ladle to a finishing sector, from an assistant steelmaker to a director of operations. Our specialists’ experience and theoretical grounding, as well as partnership with leading institutions, enable us to offer modern but at the same time economical and already proved solutions.

Taking into consideration the constantly increasing requirements to quality and strengthened competition on the markets of metallurgical products, we aim to promote modernization and development of enterprises with the help of introduction of manufacturable techniques of steel production and treatment with minimal capital investments and maximal characteristics, whether it is increase of production volume, improvement of quality, product line diversification or decrease of prime cost.

Our specialization is search and development of effective solutions, engineering and project management in electric steel-smelting and section-rolling production. We are not bound by “brotherly” ties with any of equipment or materials suppliers, that is why we have an opportunity to work exceptionally in your interest.

We do not doubt your high qualification and achievements, but just offer to use our knowledge and skills to solve the tasks confronting you.



Igor Zygmantovich

Director of Towson Metallurgical Technologies

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